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A simple, straight-forward level to begin your adventure. The Warehouse has no tricks or traps to get in your way as you learn the basics of the game and defeat all the thugs to advance.
EnemiesMitch, Meinji, Elroy, Doug, Wayne, Louie
Just outside of some run-down apartments, Mitch has set a trap for our heroes. If they remain on the ground floor for too long, a van will run them over like so much stray cats.
EnemiesMitch, Meinji, Elroy, Doug, Wayne, Louie, Jack, Crossley
FeaturesA secluded balcony where the heroes can reach Brooke.
HazardsA van periodically traverses the screen on the ground floor, knocking out anything in its path.
Mitch has taken refuge in a dangerous refinery. There are fewer thugs to defeat here, but more dangers surround you as make your way through this deadly factory.
EnemiesMitch, Meinji, Elroy, Doug, Wayne
FeaturesConveyor belts keep you moving left or right. There is a bonus item suspended over the firepit for anyone brave enough to jump for it.
HazardsA firepit in the center of the stage swallows up anything that falls into it. Two chutes constantly drop trash onto the belts for you to avoid. The wooden crates can be destroyed with punches, but the metal crates are unbreakable. Deadly hot slag sometimes drops down, and it must be jumped over.
A multi-tiered gauntlet that opens up new floors the more enemies you defeat. The higher floors are home to the more dangerous enemies.
EnemiesMitch, Meinji, Elroy, Doug, Wayne, Louie, Crossley, Biff
FeaturesLadders gradually open up new floors as you dispatch your enemies
HazardsBiff makes his first appearance on the highest floor.
Construction Site
Construction Site
Mitch's final stand takes place in a construction site. Rather than toss debris at you he has decided to go all out and attack you with a construction crane. Meanwhile, Meinji has also upped his game, throwing fireballs at you from the left side of the screen.
EnemiesMitch, Meinji, Doug, Wayne, Jack, Crossley
FeaturesSwitches at the top and bottom of the stage can be punched to change the elevation of Mitch at the controls of the crane.
HazardsThe crane hook drops down at you from different places in the stage. If you touch it while it's on its way down, you will lose a life. Meinji throws fireballs at you from the left side of the screen. These fireballs kill everything in their path.
The Mall
The Mall
With Mitch and Meinji out of the way, the mob has resorted to hiring a professional to take you out. In the mall, The Finisher hunts you, ready to take you down if his goons don't do it first.
EnemiesThe Finisher, Doug, Jack
FeaturesBrooke visits you at the top of the screen if you've defeated enough enemies
HazardsThe Finisher comes into play periodically, ready to shoot or pistol whip you.
Don Bonacelli makes his final stand in an office building. While his subordinates are attacking you, he sprays gunfire and barks orders.
EnemiesBonacelli, Doug, Wayne, Louie, Jack, Crossley, Biff
FeaturesLadders on either side of the building allow Bonacelli to reenter the fray after taking a hit.
HazardsWhen Bonacelli calls for backup, Crossley comes to his aid by sliding down the outside ladders and taking a shot at the heroes. Sometimes, Biff comes into the building instead.
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