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General Gameplay Tips


  • The player that reaches the top of stage receives a larger time bonus.
  • You can punch the objects Mitch throws, if you're careful.
  • Cruise Elroy can be punched off the ladder if you stand next to it and punch at the right time. This is dangerous!
  • Biff and Louie are worth more points if you defeat them before they charge.
  • Tony appears if you defeat six enemies in a short enough time period. In two player mode, you must defeat seven.

Staying Alive

  • A level can still be completed after the witch appears. But work quickly! She speeds up after a certain amount of time.
  • Crossley always shoots in your direction if you're standing on the same level as him.
  • Dropping off a ledge is usually safer than climbing down a ladder. It's faster and allows you to attack sooner.
  • Don't put your life in danger while chasing Tony. He gives you 1000 points, but it'll take a LOT more to replace a life if you lose it.

The Apartments

  • It is best to stay away from the ground floor unless you're trying to reach Brooke.
  • The second floor is safest. Stay there and plan for the right moment to climb to the third floor, and always beware of Cruise Elroy and gunfire from the opposite side of the screen.
  • If you're careful in how you time your trip to Brooke, you can get a bonus item on the way to her, and another one on the way back out.

Construction Site

  • The only way to defeat Mitch is to cause Meinji's fireballs to hit him.
  • It takes five hits to defeat Mitch.
  • You can operate the levers on the top and bottom of the stage by punching them. These raise and lower Mitch.
  • The crane hook falls in four specific areas. Two of those are on the ladders, another is right next to the switches, the last is on the far left.
  • There are places to stand that are safe from the crane. The best place is in the center, between the ladders.
  • You can safely touch the hook and chain of the crane while it is going up.
  • Meinji always appears on a level other than the one Mitch is on.
  • You can use probability to predict where Meinji will show up and position yourself closer to the switch you'll need to use.


  • New floors open up as you defeat enemies. They get more dangerous as you go up.
  • The safest place to be is in the center of the second or first floor. This will give you ample warning when Cruise Elroy reaches your floor.
  • You can deplete most of the enemies on the first and second floor, keeping you off the more dangerous third floor for most of the stage.
  • Do not waste too much time. It's easy to run down the clock on this stage.


  • The safest place to stay is on the third floor between the doors, watching carefully for any items Mitch Drops.
  • It is safer to run off the edge of the conveyor belt rather than climb down the ladder, if you are careful to avoid falling objects.
  • The bonus plush doll in the center of the screen can be obtained by jumping carefully.
  • Wooden boxes can be destroyed by punching. Metal boxes are invincible. Piles of hot slag will kill you.
  • Cruise Elroy is dangerous on the second floor because you can't always be sure he'll descend to the first floor. He's even more dangerous on the first floor.

The Mall

  • It takes five hits to defeat The Finisher.
  • It's best to come at The Finisher by jumping onto his platform. Don't approach him by climbing a ladder onto his platform.
  • The Finisher always shoots in your direction if you're on the same level as him.
  • If you can't find the Finisher, keep defeating enemies. He'll show up eventually.
  • It's easier to get Tony while at the Mall, but don't foolishly risk your life while trying to catch him.

The Office

  • It takes six hits to defeat Bonacelli.
  • Stay near a ladder when Bonacelli is climbing up one of the side ladders. You may need to change levels quickly to avoid his machine gun.
  • Come at Bonacelli from above or below. Running at him from the far side of the screen runs the risk of gunfire.
  • You cannot jump over all of Bonacelli's machine gun fire.
  • When Crossley drops down to your level on the sides, he'll either shoot high or low. Prepare to jump or duck.
  • Hitting Bonacelli soon after he re-enters the arena is the key to defeating him.
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