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Sunny Pratt
Height3'2" (96cm)
LikesCats, computers
DislikesBig corporations, being alone
SkillsHacking, theft, mathematics

First appearance: Page 184


Sunny is only seven years old, and has been hacking since she was four. Her astonishing level of accomplishment at such an early age annoys Lane to no end. Because she has been rivaled in so few things throughout her short life, Sunny has quite a bit of confidence. She shows plenty of maturity when handling the important decisions for the e-Girls, but still has a very young and childlike side to her. Her subordinates trust her because her analytical nature and reasoning have never let the group down yet.


Sunny is the usual build and height for a child of her age. She has curly, fluffy red hair which she keeps bunched up in a ponytail behind her head to keep it out of her way. Her eyes are green, and she likes to wear a dress that matches them, and which also has a kitten face stitched on front. She doesn't have freckles. Also, below the dress she wears nearly-white stockings and a cute pair of black dress shoes.


She's a stubborn, determined little fireball. Because she sees adults as her peers instead of her elders, she acts like an adult most of the time. Still, there's a little girl inside that longs for affection and the security of parental care. This side of her does not surface very much. Sunny has a fascination with cats and kittens.


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