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LikesChange, equality
DislikesMen, "the establishment", fascism
SkillsHacking, activism

First appearance: Page 184


Barbara is a fierce revolutionary working for change. She wants it fast and is not interested in compromise. She's upset about a lot of things, including gender politics, government corruption, environmental concerns, and more. She's willing to fight for all of them. Her sharp, focused nature has earned her the nickname "Barb". She joined the E-Girls because she likes what they are working for. The E-girls' enemies are Barb's enemies. Whether it be rallies, "hacktivism", or outright guerrilla warfare, Barbara is on board.


She is remarkably tall for a woman and rather trim and tough. Her brown hair is cut short and a bit militant, and she wears a green headband around it as a symbol that she means business. To further the look, she also wears a black tank top, green cargo pants, and black combat boots. She looks angry most of the time. Even when she's feeling neutral, she tends to look angry... because of course there's always something to be angry about, even if you're not spending time thinking about it. She typically carries a brown satchel that holds her laptop.


Like barbed wire, she may cut you up if you don't handle her properly. She has her mind made up about a lot of things, and is unwavering in her views. Even the other members of the group know that there are topics you probably shouldn't bring up around Barbara, especially if you feel differently about them than she does. But Sunny likes her moxie, and Barb is exceptional at making things happen.


Barbara is the perfect example of iron-clad will meeting the bubbling pot of progress and activism in college.

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