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Sunny is only eight years old, and has been hacking since she was five. Her astonishing level of accomplishment at such an early age annoys Lane to no end. Because she has been rivaled in so few things throughout her short life, Sunny has quite a bit of confidence. She shows plenty of maturity when handling the important decisions for the e-Girls, but still has a very young and childlike side to her. Her subordinates trust her because her analytical nature and reasoning have never let the group down yet.


She's rather perky and energetic for her size. Courtney is a positive thinker and sees the e-Girls' criminal activities as a means to an end.

The group calls her 'Barb'. She's an angry revolutionary and her activities within the hacking group are always motivated by her deep desire for change. She hates men but sees them as a necessary evil that must be tolerated.

She hails from Korea and isn't really known to speak much. Hyo-Sonn was initially an exchange student, but with her immaculate textbook knowledge she graduated early and then disappeared from her hosts' home before it was time for her to go back.

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