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OriginFukuoka, Japan
Height5'10" (178cm)
LikesVideo games, martial arts movies
DislikesTofu, Tadashi, authority

First appearance: Page 9


One might see a seasoned warrior when they look at Meinji... well, one would be wrong. Meinji is a washout. This failed ninja-in-training turned to the arcade to finish his education. Sure, you could be impressed that he's able to throw a fireball, but it doesn't help that he shouts the names of all his best moves before he executes them. Meinji has an ongoing rivalry with Tadashi, who excelled in everything Meinji failed at. Seeing Tadashi as his "end boss" Meinji has followed him to the very same town in America, hoping to finally face and defeat his rival.


Meinji is quite tall and muscular for a Japanese person. This is probably because he is only half-Japanese. He has brown hair in which he wears a black headband. He almost always has facial stubble. His outfit is a purple workout number, and not actually a real karate uniform (though it looks close enough). He has torn off the sleeves in an effort to look well-traveled and tough. He also has a pair of black fingerless gloves. Around his waist he uses a rope as a belt, since he has no actual martial arts rank.


Meinji is determined, if nothing else. If he wasn't committing muggings, theft, and other crimes, you would almost think he wants to be the hero. He has an overinflated idea of his prowess and abilities and this often gets him battered and bruised. But you can't keep him down for long, because Meinji believes he has infinite continues.


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