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Tadashi Fujimoto
OriginOsaka Japan
Height5'9" (175cm)
LikesGirls, takoyaki, cartoons, and girls
DislikesRoot beer, arrogant girls

First appearance: Page 3


Tadashi has trained in a special ninja school since the age of eight and he graduated in the top 90th percentile. He's a very competent fighter when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, but is looking to improve his swordsmanship. Diligently in search of a lifelong companion, Tadashi decided that he cannot settle for anything less than a special woman, so he left Japan to come to America for his woman-hunting because he finds the huge variety of women there irresistable. Unfortunately, his techniques need some honing. Tadashi roams the streets searching out crime as a vigilante, and when he's lucky enough to find and rescue a damsel in distress, he asks them out on a date.


Tadashi is about the average height for a Japanese man, but he has a strong, athletic build. He combs his long, black bangs straight forward to keep them out of his face. His eyebrows are bushy and fiercely determined. His outfit strays for the typical ninja outfits. It's black, but sleeveless. A blue scarf covers the lower half of Tadashi's face, but it can be lowered to drape around his neck. He wears arm guards that are a dull orange and made of thick, hardened layers of leather. There's a blue band around his waist that sometimes includes a strap for his sword when he takes it with him. On his feet are traditional Japanese tabi, which are mostly cloth and separate the big toe from the rest of the toes, and have a layer of tough plastic on the bottom.

Tadashi's sword is not the typical straight Ninja sword, but the longer, curved variety traditionally used by samurais. He grew to like this kind of sword more through practice and training.


Tadashi is trying very hard to get himself a girl. He will rule out no beautiful girl, even if they are dangerous or currently spoken for. But even with his zen-like focus on courtship, he doesn't really understand women and has a tough time winning them over. And he doesn't learn quickly, either. Prone to jealousy, Tadashi gets upset when he sees inequity, especially when it's him getting the short end of the stick. That's just one reason why he's resentful toward Alec, who has sworn off women until his service is complete, and yet who is popular with women and has a girlfriend Tadashi is attracted to. Tadashi struggles with his attraction to Brooke, knowing she is off limits but feeling that she deserves better than Alec.

Tadashi's sense of justice is strong enough that he'll still rescue people who aren't potential dates, and has rescued Alec several times. When he saved Lane Osborne from a mugging, Lane hired him to work alongside Alec, keeping the streets safe and fighting the Bonacelli mob organization.


As he graduated from Ninja school with honors, Tadashi decided that he couldn't settle for just any woman to be his wife--he wanted to seek out the perfect woman. And what better place to look than the world's melting pot? Tadashi ended up in our current city mostly by happenstance... or so he thinks. But the more he learns about the happenings in his new home and the strange warriors who occupy it, the more he realizes that he, too, is tied into the machinations of the evil Witch.


  • Ironically, the women back home in Tadashi's school saw him as quite the catch.
  • Tadashi has one little sister named Makiko?. She attends the same ninja school he did.
  • His parents hold normal everyday jobs--nothing ninjutsu related.
  • He typically carries at least a couple ninja stars inside his waistband. They are not sharp.

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