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The Witch
The Witch
Height5'6" (167cm)
LikesExperiments, violence
DislikesPredictability, tranquility

First appearance: Page 138


One can only guess where the elusive Witch originally comes from, but from her appearance it's evident that she has visited numerous eras of human existence, and probably caused trouble all along the way. She spreads pain and misery where she goes, seemingly curious about the effects of the things she has done. She is not human. She launches clusters of energy at the things she attacks, flies around effortlessly, and can travel through time and space at will.


The Witch is an average height for a woman. Her red hair is bobbed and nearly obscures her left eye. Her catlike violet eyes never deviate from an expression of mischief and curiosity. The Witch's clothes are a bizarre ensemble that can only be identified as late 90's... a fashionable purple sleeveless sweater over a white, long-sleeved shirt, but for some reason accompanied by black spandex pants and jogging shoes. It's as if the Witch has picked and chosen what she would wear from a buffet of different clothes she has seen.


Sultry, smug, and unsympathetic, the Witch is a destructive force without a care in the world. Her actions seem to indicate that she's playing with those who are trying to hunt her down.


Around 700 years ago, The Witch attacked the kingdom Alec lived in. In a maneuver that drew the king's forces far from the castle, she returned to a nearly defenseless throne room but projected herself through time before doing any further damage. The king's greatest wizards were able to hold her portal open momentarily, but only long enough for the Royal Elite Guard's newest recruit, Alec, to be sent in after her.

The Witch has also managed to get Sally on her tail.

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