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Alec Bastion
Origin14th Century Europe
Height6'2" (188cm)
LikesChivalry, Horseriding
DislikesPoor Manners

First appearance: Page 1


Alec is a fresh new recruit to the Royal Elite Guard hailing from a kingdom in the 14th Century. He was charged with the duty of defeating a witch who had terrorized the kingdom. On the king's orders he followed her 700 years into the future and has now found that completing his mission in a confusing new world might be more challenging than he had imagined.


He has blonde hair and a strong, masculine jawline. Alec's build is big and muscular. He keeps himself fit, but he naturally has a rather large frame, like a sort of football player physique. He wears the Royal Elite Guard armor, which is mostly silver and buffed to a shine. Underneath the armor is a thick green cloth. It won't stop a sword, but it allows for speed while most of Alec's vital points are covered with armor. He also wears brown leather boots and gloves, with his sword sheathed to the side. His red cape reaches almost to the floor.


Alec is strongly motivated to follow in his dad's footsteps. His dad is popular back home, and a respected ex-member of the Royal Elite Guard. Great things are expected of Alec. Imbued with a strong sense of justice and chivalry, Alec is determined to right wrongs and protect the weak and innocent. However, this leads him to problems in the modern era where some women are more than capable and liberated than he expects. In his childhood, he earned the undying devotion of Brooke by saving her from bullies. To this day she still clings to him, waiting for his term in the Royal Elite Guard to be over so they can be together.

One of Alec's problems is that he takes a lot of things for granted. A lot of things came easy to him when he was younger, and being the son of a popular man has brought him preferential treatment at times. He also could afford to pay more attention to Brooke. He's confident, and that leads him to taking some foolish risks and learning some things the hard way.


Alec aspired to live up to the reputation of his father, once one of the kingdom's most beloved and heroic members of the Royal Elite Guard. After diligently training and passing the rigorous tests, it looked as if he might achieve his goal. However, only days before his induction ceremony, a mysterious and powerful witch made her way through the valley, destroying homes and burning crops. The kingdom's entire army and the Royal Elite Guard were sent to defeat her, but to no success. As they regrouped in the far corner of the kingdom to which she had led them, the witch reappeared in the castle to issue a challenge to the king himself: Challenge her power at your own risk. She then vanished through a portal to the future.

The king's wizards were able to momentarily hold the portal open, but not long enough for the armies to return. The only one left to apprehend and punish the witch was Alec. After hastily admitting him into the Royal Elite Guard and providing him with a sword and makeshift armor, he was sent off into the unknown to conquer the witch. He was offered little more than the king's good wishes and a promise to bring him back upon completion of his mission, but Alec saw this as his opportunity to prove his worth in the eyes of the kingdom.

Now, in the complex and baffling modern world, Alec roams the streets fighting crime while searching for the elusive witch. Lane Osborne, a teenage millionaire, hired him to rid the streets of a local crime syndicate in exchange for food and shelter. Now, Alec is a fish out of water in a world hundreds of years beyond his time.

In addition to the challenges of adjusting to new customs and technology, Alec has found great opposition, rivalry, and friendship in Tadashi, a Japanese ninja fighting crime in the very same city. The two have quite a few cultural barriers preventing them from getting along with each, but that doesn't stop them from working together when times get desperate.


  • Alec is an only child
  • He is highly motivated by the desire to make his father proud.
  • He was known for his stature and strength back home.
  • Alec's relationship with the unpopular elven girl lost him some friends growing up, but he was still fairly popular.
  • He was working an apprenticeship for the town blacksmith when called to protect his kingdom.

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