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Don Bonacelli
LikesHorse races, spaghetti, cigars
DislikesIncompetence, being managed
SkillsRunning a wing of the mob

First appearance: Page 72


Don Bonacelli may look like your typical stereotype... And he sort of is. He runs a branch of the mafia in the city where the comic takes place. He was hired by a client to find and stop Livewire and its leader, but since he is fairly lazy, he doesn't want to be bothered with the details of doing it. He's more concerned with running his little empire, so he hired local street thug Mitch to take care of the job.


He's a short, overweight, gruff man with a lot of power and a scraggly, ratty mustache. He always wears a nice gray suit and matching fedora hat to cover the bald top of his head. There is nothing warm or pleasant about his face. Beside his pudgy cheeks are cold, angry eyes and a mouth that never smiles. Bonacelli loves his cigars.


The Don is about how you would imagine him: cranky, unpleasant, and consumed in his own power and wealth. He's arrogant and will not do menial things like light his own cigars or micromanage his underlings. That's for somebody else to do.


None yet.

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