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Livewire is a highly successful underground hacking group led by Lane Osborne. Its members focus on software piracy, software theft, and hacking into the systems of large corporations that they deem to be too powerful. Their actions have made them sought-after by the law, hated by competing hacking groups, and fairly rich. Officer Foxx was assigned to hunt down and arrest the members of Livewire.

The Bonacelli crime family is also actively working to put an end to Livewire. They have been unable to locate Livewire's base of operations, so they've focused on attacking Alec and Tadashi, Livewire's hired muscle.

Members of Livewire

  • Lane Osborne - Leader and main hacker
  • Borneo - 2nd in command, and mainly in charge of maintaining relations with other hacking groups.
  • Rogan - Handles the group's electronics and hardware needs.
  • Marcus - Uses his street connections to gather information.
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