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Mitch Brewster
HairLight Brown
Height6'3" (175cm)
LikesEasy Money, beef jerky, bar-hopping
DislikesSwimming, superficial politeness, nine-to-five jobs

First appearance: Page 3


A hard life on the streets and a hunger for trouble has earned Mitch Brewster the nickname "Mitch Bruiser". His aversion to any normal kind of job has caused him to resort to stealing money from anyone weaker than him. This practice has served him well and earned him a reputation as one of the most hardened thugs in the city. It is probably that reputation that has attracted the attention of the Mob?, who hired him to take care of two pesky heroes giving them trouble. Because he knows the streets so well, he was offered money to deliver a beating to Alec and Tadashi, and was granted leadership over a certain about of mob henchmen. The reasonably daft martial artist Meinji seems to hang around him, though Mitch can't figure out why.


Mitch is tall, brutish, and beefy. He wears a white headband to keep the hair his long, unruly brown hair out of his face. The headband is only partially successful. His face his chiseled and worn, creased in an angry expression with his cold uncaring eyes. His strong jawline has taken a punch or two in his days. He wears a white tank-top covered by a tan jacked with the sleeves torn off in no clean or careful manner. Green canvas cargo pants cover his brown worn-out work boots.


Mitch entirely lacks empathy. He doesn't care about you, me, or the defenseless people he robs. He only cares about himself and his own reputation. He thinks he has risen to the top of the city's riffraff, but would like to climb higher and possibly be rich. However, the money comes second to the prestige he truly wants.


He was always an unruly disobedient little child, but Mitch officially left his home at the age of 16 to escape the tyranny of his concerned parents. From that time on he lived with friends, eroding their good will and friendship, then moving on to the next friend until he no longer had friends. He now makes enough cash off of muggings and theft to at least have his own crappy apartment. He doesn't spend much time there.

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