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OriginSomewhere out West
Height5'11" (180cm)
LikesSci-fi, electronics, anime
DislikesBreaking promises

First appearance: Page 23


Second in command of Livewire, Borneo is in charge of most of the group's social dealings. He's a pretty good hacker, but prefers to spend more of his time keeping up good relations with other hacking groups. He reportedly is bound to Lane by a Wookiee life-debt, though nobody really knows the story behind it. But they do know that Borneo is fiercely loyal to Lane, and they go pretty far back. Borneo doesn't really have many enemies. Most people are taken in by his friendliness and charm, even if they oppose his group or what he does.


Borneo is stout. He wears a pair of "Agent Smith" shades and a long black trench coat over a white shirt and blue jeans. His long, brown hair goes back in a ponytail, and he keeps a pretty well-groomed beard. His posture is usually very prim, upright and "official".


He's very much the product of the geeky things he has enjoyed growing up, but those things have shaped him into a very likable and reliable person. When he gives you his word, it is binding. People like him because he is what you see, and unless you're the target of Livewire's shenanigans, you can probably trust him.


He has a fairly extended history with Lane, being one of his oldest friends, and is likely the first recruit into Livewire.

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