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Lane Osborne
HairLight Brown
Height5'6" (167cm)
LikesComputers, punk rock, fast cars
DislikesAuthority figures, big corporations

First appearance: Page 8


Lane is a surly young millionaire and expert hacker. He runs an apartment complex downtown, but this merely serves as a front for the exploits of his hacking group, Livewire. As far as intellect goes he's brilliant, and despite having the necessary knowledge to finish school, he dropped out for more profitable activities. Now, he carefully funnels money away from megacorporations he deems "unethical" and uses it to fund his hacking campaign against the single company he hates the most. He has also hired Alec and Tadashi as muscle to keep theft and muggings down in the area, as it detracts attention from him and hinders the growth of his immediate enemy the Bonacelli Crime Organization.


He's a raggedy and fairly lazy teenager with uncombed hair and whisker stubble. You wouldn't know he's rich from looking at him, since he wears a simple gray hoodie sweatshirt over a white T-shirt and some basic tan pants with white sneakers. He's not remarkably tall, but who knows, maybe he still has a little growing left to do. His build is average and not muscular in any way, though you can't tell because his clothing is rather loose. You'll usually see him with a grumpy or apathetic look on his face.


Lane is grumpy and impatient, and pretty rough around the edges. He's not concerned with politeness or frivolities. Despite that, he DOES have friends and knows how to be friendly. People eventually find his gruff demeanor endearing because they know that deep down, he still means well and does nice things from time to time. Those who work for him consider him generous, despite his personality. One might be tempted to think Lane is some sort of benevolent Robin Hood character, because he's going after unethical corporations, but the truth is that he does enjoy a bit of that money for himself.


Not a lot to put here just yet.


  • Lane emancipated himself from his parents.
  • He remains somewhat off-the-grid by having a proxy address out of state. Because of this, he's hard to find.
  • Dana located Lane from information he left when springing Alec from jail.
  • He likes punk and heavy metal music.

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