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Brooke Lynwood
Origin14th Century Europe
Height5'7" (170cm)
LikesAlec, Horses, Ducks, Cooking
AbilityCan heal very mild, superficial injuries

First appearance: Page 64


Brooke is a sixth-year elf mage in training and Alec's former girlfriend. The relationship was put on hold because Alec was not allowed to have a girlfriend during his service in the Royal Elite Guard. However, Alec only thinks the relationship is suspended... to Brooke it's as strong as ever. When Alec traveled forward in time to hunt the Witch, Brooke was not allowed to accompany him. But months later she appeared in the city, determined to be by his side and concerned for his well-being.She's not particularly skilled in magic and has struggled in her studies. Brooke can muster only mild healing spells and a few other beginner level-tricks. But those healing spells do tend to come in handy for a pair of heroes that ends up bruised from time to time.

One skill Brooke has mastered is cooking. She regularly helped cook for her large family back home, and as one of the few things she's truly good at, she takes great pride in making a good meal.


Brooke is an average height among women and has a healthy figure. Her eyes are very young-looking and childlike. She has fluffy pink hair, blue eyes, long elven ears, and a light complexion. The main color of her outfit is light orange, with a dark red top and trim. The shoulder parts of her outfit have are tan with a very slight tinge of green added. You don't see much of it, but she has a cream-colored riding cape that is visible up by her neck but becomes mostly obscured by hair behind her.

Brooke covers her hands with brown leather gloves to stay protected when she uses magic.


Brooke is very perky and energetic. Though her default mood is cheerful, her demeanor can be shattered easily when she feels betrayed or ignored. She is childlike and good-intentioned to a fault, sometimes coming off as naive. The thought of harming anyone repulses her. This keeps her from standing up for herself, and causes her to avoid confrontations. She's not remarkably smart, but she makes up for it with her optimism and good nature.

She is devoutly loyal to Alec. This attraction has caused her to do some silly and obsessive things over the years. Sometimes she's a bit too clingy.


(can be found here in the comic) As a child, Brooke was constantly bullied and unpopular. One day a young Alec bravely came to her defense and forever won her heart. Thanks to all the previous bullying, Brooke has grown up with fragile self esteem, and can never seem to feel like she has paid Alec back for his kindness that day. It's unclear why Brooke was allowed to come to the future to be with Alec. Her training is incomplete and she's not officially allowed to be his girlfriend, but she evidently must have her reasons.


  • Brooke can wiggle her ears independently. None of her siblings can do that.
  • She seems to have inherited her mother's healing skills, though she is not very effective.
  • Her favorite movie is "Rock-A-Doodle". It's worth noting that Brooke has only seen four movies.
  • She's the role model and hero of her little sister Lily.
  • Brooke has a strong aversion to harming people, as it works counter to her role as a healer.

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