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Officer Foxx
Dana Foxx
OriginDayton, Ohio
Height5'7" (170cm)
LikesLocking up criminals, Baseball, Exercise
DislikesOrganized crime

First appearance: Page 6


Coming from a long line of excellent police officers, Dana Foxx is an incredibly effective member of the Dayton Special Police. She has been given the assignment of putting an end to the Livewire Crime Syndicate, an elusive group of hackers known to be operating in the city.


Dana has an athletic build and is typically seen in her police uniform. This consists of a light blue jumpsuit covered by black protective padding. She wears a bulletproof vest with her badge attached to the front, and connected to a tough pair of shoulder pads. Her arms are protected by black leather gloves and elbow pads. On her legs she has shin-guards with knee pads at the top and a sturdy set of combat boots. She has a set of red-tinted safety goggles on her forehead, but she doesn't typically use them. A M92 handgun is kept in a holster which she has strapped to her right leg.Dana has green eyes. She keeps her long, copper-colored hair in a ponytail behind her. The tip of her ponytail is lighter in color (like a fox's tail).


Dana is an only child and learned responsibility at an early age. She was always known to stand up for what is right, and intolerance of crime has become the cornerstone of her career as a police officer. Though overall friendly and able to have fun, she's so determined to do things by the book that she doesn't mesh well with more casual people. In fact, many of them view her as a stick-in-the-mud.


Law enforcement runs in Dana Foxx's family. Because of this, Dana was always trying to live up to her family reputation, and she pretty much always succeeded. This made her the overachiever of the police force. Her finely honed skills, acute sense of logic, and no-tolerance policy toward crime makes her highly effective, but it hasn't won her many friends amidst her more laid-back coworkers.

Dana's boss is especially resentful of her because he looks lazy and incompetent in comparison. Because of this he likes to assign Dana the more difficult cases and constantly downplays her hard work and proficiency.

Assigned to the Livewire case, Dana was tasked with finding and arresting the elusive leader of an underground hacking team. This would prove difficult, because Livewire is protected by some of the most skilled hackers and programmers in the country. They have evaded law enforcement from all over the world. But with only the knowledge that this very city acts as the hub for Livewire's activity, Dana has set off to do her job.

Interacting with Livewire and the befuddled vigilantes Alec and Tadashi, Dana's adventures will constantly challenge her firm sense of justice. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, when she becomes the roommate and surrogate big-sister of Alec's girlfriend Brooke, she must rethink her maternal sensibilities and logic itself.


  • Dana was the sporty tomgirl in high school.
  • Her mother is a well-known administrator in the police department of a nearby town.
  • Dana wears contact lenses during the daytime and sometimes switches to glasses at night.
  • She's a big fan of the local minor-league baseball team.
  • She's not fashionable, worldly, or cool. And she doesn't care.

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