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The Bonacelli Crime Organization is a branch of the Mafia led by Don Bonacelli. As the dominant mob presence in the city where the story takes place, the Bonacelli family has a fair amount of clout in the area and is constantly butting heads with other local crime groups. Bonacelli has been hired by an outside client to destroy Livewire, the next most powerful group.

As pressure between Bonacelli and Livewire grew, Livewire hired Alec and Tadashi for protection. The two act as bodyguards for the group, as well as local do-gooders in the community. This keeps Livewire safe and under the radar for most cops, except Officer Foxx, who has been assigned to arrest the group.

Don Bonacelli is rather lazy and felt that local riff-raff would be better suited to eliminating Alec and Tadashi, while his own men continued their usual mob activities, so he hired Mitch Brewster to rough the two up, being very clear that he was not allowed to kill his targets. His client seems to insist that all operations are clean and unable to be traced backward. So far, Mitch's efforts have been fruitless, even when given command of mob men. But each attempt gets more and more effective.

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