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Welcome to a modern and troubled city, and meet the two misfits tasked to cleaning it up. In Culture Shock, we follow the adventures of a stoic knight from the 14th Century and his partner, a lovesick Japanese Ninja, as they fight the mob to maintain peace and order. Alec is a dutiful and chivalrous member of the Elite Royal Guard in his kingdom, but heís finding that life in modern America isnít as simple as his home 700 years ago. Tadashi is a talented and capable ninja, but his first priority is finding the perfect wife, Which is no easy task when you have such a limited grasp on the local culture.

Together they share an apartment in the city, and when not fighting organized crime they are typically fighting each other. Theyíve been hired by Lane Osborne, an affluent teenage hacker, to clear the streets of riffraff while he secretly carries out his illegal activities. This job becomes an even bigger challenge when Dana Foxx, a nosy but well-meaning police officer starts investigating Lane, and Alecís naive elven girlfriend travels through time to be with him. Swords and cultures clash in this fantasy-based action comedy as the mismatched duo learn to work together in preventing a future more bleak and terrifying than either of them realize.

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